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Rina's Kitchen started out as a hobby for Ms Rina. A native Italian born and raised, Rina met a handsome young man in the Air Force, Jack, whom she soon married and moved to the States with. His mother taught Ms Rina how to can up in Tennessee (where the idea of 'Hillbilly Jack's Moonshine Jelly' comes from).

After many years of traveling with the US Air Force, they settled down here in South Carolina where they built a house together, followed several years later by a detached garage for Jack's tools. But before he could move his things in, Ms Rina took over, drawing chalk lines on the floor where she wanted her stoves and counters and sinks. This was the birth of Rina's Kitchen.

A few years later, the new "big" kitchen was built, which we operate out of today. It features a country-style gift shop, a large kitchen with three 6 burner stove tops, a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer, and an enormous warehouse.

Our goal is to provide the freshest, tastiest jams and pickles you can find.  After 25 years of practice, we might have the recipes figured out!

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